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47OO Colonnade Pkwy B'ham, 35243 // 205-447-9777


A passion for people drives passion for product.

We believe that coffee is more than just a drink, it's an experience. Innova comes from the Latin word "renewal" and the owners, Anna and Tyler, want you to experience a sense of renewal every time you stop by.

Everything about Innova is designed for this.

We are a multi-roaster cafe. . .

You will notice new and fresh bags of coffee on our shelves as well as a rotating list of roasters and origins on our pour-over menu. One person said, “This is like a coffee boutique!” We have a passion for building relationships with multiple roasters with you in mind.
“A passion for people drives passion for product. Along with the other fine people doing stellar food and beverage in our amazing city of Birmingham, we are proud to be offering such an extraordinary coffee experience.