Why Innova?


Okay, so… Innova. 

What is it? What’s the plan? What’s the hype? Where are we? 

Great questions and we wish we had all the answers. Let’s start with vision because vision is very powerful, you know. What do you have vision for? If you said nothing then think again. It's like saying we don't have time for something, when in reality, we make time for the things we really want to do. We have vision everyday in small ways that are driving us to accomplish something or reach a certain point. There’s a phrase in the Bible that says without vision the people perish. That speaks of big vision. Whether big or small, vision is a powerful thing. It drives us and lights the path in front of us. 

So, Innova currently is a vision.

And even when you are able to pull up to Innova and walk inside, it will still be a vision. When it ceases to be guided by vision, the life and the energy will be removed and it will simply become an “old coffee shop” or a “remember when”. 

(If some of this doesn’t make sense you may need to go back and read the previous post HERE.) 

When the circumstances of life brought me into the coffee business I was a middle age man without vision. My life had been propped up with the “shoulds”. Conscious or not, the question always before me was, “What should I be doing?” or “What should I look like to others?” What a heavy burden to carry around. And working behind the counter serving coffee wasn't anywhere close to my answer for either question. But doing so began to chip away at the “shoulds” in my life and slowly gave way to vision and passion. Vision began to go into labor and finally to birth Innova. 

So, back to Innova and vision. The heart of Innova is a vision to take care of people by serving excellent offerings (beginning with coffee) and creating an environment that brings comfort and refreshment. And even in this very first phase, we’re already doing that. Innova Coffee gatherings are our way of accomplishing this vision before we even have a space. Some people call it a marketing strategy. It’s not. It’s allowing this vision to drive us to do what we can with what we have.


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Tyler Nash