52 + 30 + 2 = 250 (approximately)


52 + 30 + 2 = 250 (approximately) 

How's that? Well, it's not the "new math" it's just a meaningful way for me to look back over recent developments and how they've come about. 52 is my age, (Really? Wow.) 30 is the number of days since the launch of Innova Coffee, and 2 is the number of pieces of equipment we've used to hand brew our craft coffee, two cups at a time. (We use the chemex brew method which we feel gives us the best presentation of our coffee beans.) Finally, 250 is the approximate number of people we've been able to serve since launching our home gatherings and pop-up shops.  

So what's missing in the equation?

It's the countless people who have made this possible! Ideas, brainstorming, vision casting, patient listening, arguing (convincing), planning, evaluating plans, taking photos, shooting video, sorting through the best of the best for promos, website and posts, website design & execution, branding, gifts of time, merchandise and donations, volunteering to park cars, clean up, weigh & grind coffee beans, training & answering countless questions. Where do I stop? Innova has been, and is, a group effort spearheaded in large part by my really talented wife, Anna. Many of you know her and rightly assume her countless fingerprints all over Innova. And if it's not her direct involvement, it's her gift of networking that has brought people together.


I was reminded of a verse in the Bible that reads in part, “Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit." (John 12:24) The way I hear those words today is a reflection of my past. I have put up a facade of confidence and success for so long and in fear and insecurity refused to let it die. So, in most respects I have been alone, at times surrounded by people, but very much alone. If you are too insecure to allow others in and expose your weakness, you remain alone. But, as I've mentioned in previous posts, the coffee business began to "kill" that facade, against my will, and often I was unaware of it. And, as that facade has begun (still in process) to die, the fruit has been a community of people that have brought about the first month of Innova's existence.

This is a brief look back with no assumptions that we’ve arrived or have it all (or even a little) together. Seasoned business owners may be reading this and thinking, “you have no idea what’s ahead,” and rightly so. But we’re grateful for small beginnings and hopeful for next steps.

Tyler Nash