Have You Found Your Sweet Spot?


I’ve never really been a serious golfer or baseball player but on rare occasion I've hit a golfball and  baseball in a way that felt effortless. What a great feeling. The question (and problem) was, “How do I recreate that on a consistent basis?” We all desire to find a sweet spot in life as well; a place where we operate out of our gifting and strengths on a consistent basis. 

That's the story of Innova's short journey these past nine weeks - launching and trying to find our sweet spot. With help from many of you, we've had the opportunity to connect with literally hundreds of people in Altadena, Vestavia, Cahaba Heights, Greystone, Edgewood, Liberty Park and beyond. Moving our location weekly, even daily, has given us a breadth of connection across the city. This amazing opportunity has allowed us to grow and learn and develop who we are. 

But at the same time this has brought to light our need to transition from launch phase to a more consistent establishment. Its obvious that its time to plant roots and develop relationships and build our business. 

Back to our sports analogy, I would liken our Innova experience to an occasional birdie or base hit, mixed with pop-ups and bogies. A good start, but where do we go from here?

Innova's sweet spot is connecting with people on a consistent basis, through life together. So this highlights the need to land somewhere full time and it looks like God is providing in a truly unbelievable way! There have been rumblings of BIG NEWS from us and now its time for the unveiling!

We will be opening Innova Coffee as a permanent coffee shop on the corner of Cahaba River Road and Colonnade Parkway at the 4700 Clubhouse Bar! We are grateful for the opportunity and look forward to serving you all day, 5 days a week in this amazing space. You really should stop in and see it.

The other big news is that we will be expanding our menu to include espresso, lattes, cappuccinos, craft-made syrups, and some non-coffee drinks. This will include specialty teas, authentic chai tea and a gourmet hot chocolate, all locally sourced. So, stay tuned for our quickly developing menu.

So here are the exciting details:

Mon, March 27 - Innova Coffee officially opens for business!

4700 Colonnade Parkway, 35243

Hours of Operation:   7am - 5pm, Mon-Fri 

Developing menu and full espresso bar introduced in April.

So celebrate with us!  Our story continues to unfold in unbelievable ways, and we seem to be finding our sweet spot more and more with every development. Please stop by and see us. 

P.S. We will be closed the week of March 13 as we will be traveling to Chicago for our very amazing son, Harris' wedding! #familyfirst

Tyler Nash