It's You . . .


Everybody knows that you don’t open a coffee shop without an espresso machine.

And we agreed. “You must offer coffee drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos and americanos in order to serve your customers fully.”

But what could we do? As we were committed to the shop and the needs of building an extraordinary experience, it would seem to reason we should purchase an espresso machine. Right? (Not inexpensive, by the way!) Our path has been unconventional from the start including the fact, that by design, we we were open without an espresso machine for 4 1/2 months. Yes, you heard that right!

Our mission is to:

“Combine a fresh approach to coffee with a desire to serve people in order to create an extraordinary experience.”

In our minds the “extraordinary experience” would be defined by an amazing space, fresh and delicious food and of course, one of the best cups of coffee you would find in the area. These things, coupled with the ambience of peace, bright light and the right music, would surely entice people to come back again to Innova Coffee. We worked hard at creating this, very hard.

But over the months we have woken up to a completely new idea of where this “extraordinary experience” is found. And much to our surprise, as well as to the surprise of others, its not found in whether or not we have an espresso machine! 

The extraordinary experience, and what we are finding is our greatest natural resource and product to offer is YOU. It’s the people of Innova. In an unexpected and delightful way we have fallen in love with YOU. YOU are creating the extraordinary experience for us and for others that stroll in while you are here. 

The looks in your eyes.

The expressions on your faces.

The warmth of your voices.

The energy in your conversations.

The realness in your life.

The friendliness of your handshakes.

The hugs that you offer.

The thoughts that you share.

The words of encouragement and care.

These are the gifts that you’ve given us which trump an espresso machine any day!

So thank you. Thank you for just doing that and creating an “extraordinary experience” for us and for others who are here. 

And by the way, we finally have an espresso machine so YAY for that!

Stop in and try a latte with one of our house made syrups and celebrate with us! 

Tyler Nash