Innova Culture


Read a little about our Innova Culture from the perspective of one of our baristas, Zach Wilson...

From the second the order is taken to the second the drink is brought out, it goes through a series of steps that contain many variables. These steps are vital to the process because they ensure that the cup the customer is getting is the best possible cup that we could bring forth. Our culture here at Innova is taken from our vision, which simply is a desire to serve people and a passion for coffee. You have probably heard or seen this a lot, whether that be on the website, our coffee bags, or in the shop, but this just amplifies the fact that it is truly our goal and vision. We have a very inviting and people driven culture that I believe shows in each and every drink that we serve.

A culture is a set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes a specific group or organization (taken from Merriam-Webster Dictionary). Our values, attitudes, goals, and practices all align with our vision. We hope that this shines through when it’s a customer’s first or 100th time walking through the doors of Innova Coffee. To belong somewhere is to feel comfortable in that place, it means that you are not overlooked or ignored. It means that you have a place there, that it is your home away from home. It means that you are looking forward to going to that place, and when you get there it is hard to leave. Our people driven culture displays this so well to me because we work hard to make sure that everyone feels like they belong at Innova Coffee. This culture does not come from the shop itself but it overflows from behind the bar.

While working behind the bar we are constantly on the lookout for things we can do to better our environment. Not only for our sake, but for the sake of the shop. This constant bettering of our environment causes us to also better ourselves and each other. It is a selfless environment that can’t help but overflow in all that we do and each drink that we serve. As soon as we clock in our mind is on the shop and the customers. This is a mindset that has set the standard for what we do and also created and continues to maintain the culture that we have at Innova Coffee. Our vision is a desire to serve people, through a passion for coffee. These two elements come together perfectly to create our people driven culture.


Zach joined our team a few months ago coming from Refuge Coffee in Fairhope, AL. We are grateful for his passion for coffee, his knowledge in the industry and his tender way with people. Thanks, Zach!

Zach Wilson