Suddenly It's Summer at Innova Coffee


Pull up a chair and hear about this season at Innova.

We are completely overwhelmed by the offer of 4700 Colonnade to set up a more permanent space in their lovely clubhouse. After a year of camping out here it’s time to make this a place to call home for a while. Here we have everything we love including an open airy space, beautiful light and all the feels of an amazing coffee cafe. We have everything but the kitchen sink! This means we are building a prep area so that you can smell the biscuits baking and the syrups  simmering! So celebrate with us because we aren't going anywhere!

Coffee Comrades


Innova Coffee is now considered a multi-roaster cafe. By this we mean that we are sourcing our beans from a few different roasters to offer you a wide variety of coffee experiences. Compare it to a coffee boutique where you can be exposed to wonderful and unique tastes from handpicked roasters in the craft coffee industry. 

See more about our outstanding roasters:

Welcome back smoothies!

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Yes! You got that right! The smoothies are back as well as our full menu of coffee specialty drinks. The line up includes The Clover Club, Cahaba Chocolate, Strawberry Short-Route and The Blue Lake. All smoothies are made with whole food ingredients, no sugar added and almond milk. And as a bonus you can ask about the name of each which represents the history of our neighborhood of Patchwork Farms! 

Here's our current menu:

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Don't take our word for it!

B-Metro Magazine and Bottom Line Faith are making us feel like a pretty big deal. Huge thanks to them for the shoutouts and support. Click to read our story and/or listen to a podcast about Innova.

Doing what we can with what we have, where we are,

Anna and Tyler Nash

Tyler Nash