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You've heard the phrase . . .

“You can't fit a square peg in a round hole.” The original meaning of this phrase described a person who couldn’t be forced into a role for which he was not suited. That was Tyler Nash. For 25 years he wore a coat and tie and attempted a vocation in business and investments. But in 2008, when the US economy tanked, so did his carefully constructed life, and Nash found himself in a place he didn’t want to be. Thankfully, this turn of events helped him discover a place he hadn’t known he was missing. In order to make ends meet, Nash began serving coffee in a local coffee shop, and passion began to spark in him like never before.

He loved the people, he loved creating an environment, and he discovered a new passion for craft coffee. As a result, Nash has opened his own coffee business, Innova Coffee, where he and his wife, Anna, provide an extraordinary experience for their customers. At Innova—which is Latin for renew--it’s about so much more than coffee. It’s about taking care of people. Nash’s attention to detail and genuine concern for the people he serves creates an atmosphere that says, “Come on in. We’re glad you are here.” Now happy to be the square peg, Nash has found his perfect fit at Innova Coffee.